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March 24, 2022

PBS SoCal | Urban Farm Serves Up Fresh Produce and Outdoor Play for Local Families

PBS SoCal wrote a feature on ALMA's Peas in a Pod program. Henry Barjas writes about how ALMA teaches kids about Urban Farming.


January 5, 2022

KCAL9 & CBS2 | STEAM: Urban Organic Farming In Compton

KCAL9 & CBS2 news interviews ALMA's co-founder, Richard D. Garcia about how nothing goes to waste on the farm in Compton.

Watch here


June 3, 2021

Urban farms across LA employ formerly incarcerated farmers

Spectrum News shows viewers around ALMA's Compton farm site and discusses the mission with the ALMA team.

Watch here


December 11, 2020

ABC News | Urban Agriculture Grows in Compton

ABC News covers the history of agriculture in Los Angeles and features our urban farm in Compton.

Listen here


October 21, 2020

Red Canary Collective | You Should Know a Farmer

How food sovereignty and resilient food systems put the future in our own hands.

Read here


July 1, 2020

This Filipino American Life Podcast | Urban Gardening & Restorative Justice with Richard D. Garcia

In this episode, we talk to Richard Garcia, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Alma Backyard Farms, about his calling to work with communities and formerly incarcerated people to set up urban gardens. 

Listen here


May 8, 2020

La Opinion | Exconvictos regalan a madres frutas y verduras cultivadas por ellos mismos

Alma Backyard Farms les da una segunda oportunidad a través del trabajo en la tierra

Read here


November 7, 2020

Bridging the Gap with Natural American Goodness, Mountain Valley Spring Water

To capture the essence of Natural American Goodness, Mountain Valley Spring Water visited with ALMA and one of our chef partners, Steve Samson of Rossoblu.

Watch here


December 1, 2017

The Migrant Kitchen, Life & Thyme | KCET

We are thrilled to have a cameo on the second season of Life & Thyme's The Migrant Kitchen.  The episode features Chef Diep of Good Dinette, a chef who sources seasonal veggies from our urban farms.

Watch here


March 27, 2017

The Journal | Shinola

In his long-sleeve waffle shirt, dark roughed-up work pants and scuffed brown leather boots, Rich Garcia moves carefully among rows of vegetables. His canvas hat tilted to the side, and a thin red scapular hanging around his neck completes his farming uniform. His hands are dirty in a way that can come only from a long day of manual labor, with layers of white, dried dirt beneath fresh stains from wet soil.

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June 5, 2015


“Re-claim lives. Re-purpose land. Re-imagine community.” That’s the motto of Alma Backyard Farms, an East L.A. non-profit that teaches recently released prisoners to grow, harvest and market local produce.

Read here


March 4, 2022

PBS SoCal | 4 Family-Friendly Outdoor Spots in the Compton Area

PBS SoCal included ALMA on their list of places for families to visit in Compton. 

Read here


September 30, 2021

San Pedro Today | ALMA Opens in San Pedro

Jennifer Marquez discusses ALMA's opening in San Pedro with Co-founder, Richard D. Garcia.

Read here


December 21, 2020

Food and Faith Podcast | Returning Home

The Food and Faith Podcast brings together voices of hope who are working for a world of organic connections. On this episode, ALMA's Co-founders, Erika L. Cuellar and Richard D. Garcia partake in a conversation from the soil and around the table. 

Listen here

2500 TRJL cover.jpg

December 3, 2020

The Restorative Justice Life Podcast | Restorative Farming

Hosted by Amplify RJ founder David Ryan Barcega Castro-Harris,  Restorative Justice Practitioners, Circle Keepers, and others discuss how they bring Restorative Justice philosophy, practices, and values into their personal and professional lives.

Listen here


August 20, 2020 

Selena + Chef

Selena teams up with the godfather of the modern food truck movement, Roy Choi, to make some dangerously delicious Korean BBQ breakfast tacos. At the end of the episode, ALMA gets recognized for its work! Episode 4 is available on HBO Max. Free trial available. 

Watch here


May 10, 2020

Univision | Alimentos para la comunidad

Los propietarios de ALMA prepararon cerca de 200 bolsas repletas de alimentos frescos que fueron entregadas a las familias más necesitadas del área

Watch here


May 7, 2020

KCRW Press Play | Southern CA farms sell directly to customers during COVID-19

Richard D. Garcia, Co-founder and Executive Director of ALMA speaks with Madeleine Brand of KCRW's Press Play about the role local farms are playing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Read here


September 3, 2019

Voyage LA | Meet Erika L. Cuellar of Alma Backyard Farms in East Los Angeles, Compton, San Pedro

VoyageLA is a group of magazines that publishes interviews with local community members, businesses, organizations, and artists. 

Read here


April 26, 2017

LA Times | Food Daily Dish

Q & A: Can urban farming combat food waste?  Chatting with the founders of Alma Backyard Farms

Read here


December 21, 2016

Social Enterprise Alliance

Alma Backyard Farms accompanies the formerly incarcerated as they journey through the wilderness of urban life post-incarceration.

Read here

Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 4.42.14 PM.png

January 18, 2022

LMU Newsroom | ALMA Backyard Farms: Reclaiming lives, land, and community

ALMA Backyard Farms is an urban farm in Compton, CA, founded by two LMU alumni, Erika L. Cuellar and Richard D. Garcia, that focuses on restorative justice and environmental stewardship. Have you ever wondered what a chocolate lightning tomato tasted like?


September 2021

Dickies | Good Works Story with ALMA

Dickies partnered with ALMA for their Good Works Story and 100 year anniversary campaign.

Read here


December 18, 2020

KCRW | Good Food

KCRW provides listeners with local news, public health information, music for your spirit, and cultural connection. ALMA's Co-founder, Richard D. Garcia, discusses farming with youth and the formerly incarcerated to feed the community.

Listen here


November 1, 2020

Youth To The People Podcast | Bringing Wellness to the People

America has a wellness problem. Wellness requires rest, clean water, movement, community, care, and nutrition—things that have become privileges, when they really should be rights. In this episode, Alma's social enterprise associate, Luis Mota, discusses how he is dedicated to bringing wellness to his community.

Listen here


August 14, 2020

Mercy for Animals | Formerly Incarcerated Individuals Are Feeding the Community During The Pandemic

Mercy For Animals is dedicated to eradicating our cruel food system and replacing it with one that is not just kind to animals but essential for the future of our planet and all who share it. Check out this feature they included of ALMA.

Watch here


May 10, 2020

ABC7 News | Fresh Produce Giveaway

A unique Mother's Day giveaway lifted spirits on Sunday in Rancho Dominguez, where a ALMA provided those special someones with much-needed appreciation.

Read here


November 27, 2019

Catholic Education Foundation | Lead by Example

Erika Cuellar, Co-founder of Alma Backyard Farms, studied education at Loyola Marymount University and didn’t necessarily end up going into a traditional classroom because she worked at Homeboy Industries in the kitchen of Homegirl Café, and now sees the farm as her new classroom.

Read here


June 12, 2019

Broken Bread, WASTE: Recovery & Possibility

KCET, a producer of award-winning and diverse original content for public media, and Tastemade, a global media company creating premium video programming in the food, travel and home verticals, premiered a new multi-media series BROKENBREAD, hosted by restaurant entrepreneur, social activist and acclaimed chef Roy Choi. In episode 5, WASTE: Recovery & Possibility, Roy Choi visits ALMA.

Watch here


April 17,, 2017

Bellarmine News | LMU

“What happens here…it’s church.”

Read here


June 8, 2015

Shirt of Flame | Heather King

For this week's arts and culture column, I interviewed Erika Cuellar and Richard Garcia, the amazing duo who head up the East L.A. non-profit Alma Backyard Farms.

Read here

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