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Summer Farm Camp 2023

ALMA’s second year of Summer Farm Camp for youth was a multi-sensory blast!

Thanks to our team, summer interns and volunteer instructors who made this experience memorable and to our campers and their families for participating! We’d love to continue to share ALMA with you and your children at our Farm Stands (every other Sunday) and our monthly Peas-In-A-Pod programs.


Through a daily rotation of hands-on stations, each “Pod” of campers partook in: Farming, Cooking, Art, Story Time, Yoga and Field Activities.

Together with ALMA’s Pod Squad, Campers explored themes including: Growth, Compost, Trees, and Pollinators.

In July, ALMA hosted two sessions of Farm Camp in Compton for youth ages

5-11, at full capacity with 50 kids per session.


Farm Camp was kept affordable thanks to ALMA’s generous donors and committed foundations. Proceeds from our monthly Farm Stand Brunch program also support Peas-In-A-Pod. A handful of ALMA supporters provided scholarships used to cover tuition for campers.

Thank you Alma Farms for bringing this program/camp to our community. All the activities my children participate in are outside of my community. I drive out to try to expose them to new experiences. We are so proud to share with others that Alma farms is a local treasure in the city of Compton, my home and where I grew up! We will always be grateful for you!

Rivera Family

Dear Friend, Thank you for summer camp! I'm having so much fun! My favorite lesson is art!

Andrew, age 8

It was nothing like I expected. My daughter often joins Peas-In-A-Pods programs and I thought they are pretty cool, but camp was next level! Truly amazing daily hands-on activities everyday. Thank you so much for everything you do and to the kind leaders.

Morgan Family

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